Sarb Nam Kaur Khalsa

Monday, November 21, 2005

Poetry of Life

This past week, I have been participating in a virtual "poetry group." We have been tasked with writing a new poem each day and sharing our thoughts about each other's work. It inspires and challenges me to deepen my internal dialogue...making accessible what has always been deeply personal.

Here is one of the poems I wrote this week:


Within God’s power lies all that is good.
I know it
I trust it
it beckons me forth
from depression
doubt, despair, pity.

Manifesting in my life
as trees
golden with the fruits
of their fall dance
spiraling infinite pledges
to the past, present and future

Winter calls and
the scent of snow
gathers in my heart
bringing a recollection
of a time redolent with
sprigs of mistletoe
hung for random affection.
I cuddle up in the soul-safe
protection of a mother’s
waiting arms,
certain of repose while
blanketed from the world’s
cruel intentions.

Spring is a far-off dream,
flickers of warbler-yellow flashes
in the green bud trees.
Squirrels and robins
gorge on the generous bounty
of the post-arctic frosts
relinquished in delight to tulips and primrose fantasy.

Will summer come again?
I am past the time
of high-noon expectations
and green meadow romps.
Yet I long for the exultation
of the spirit dressed for eternity,
my soul basking in its own
sun-flecked colors
piercing white harmony
of rainbow existence.

Sarb Nam Kaur Khalsa (c) 2005


At 1:05 PM, Blogger Pogo ji said...

that's pretty cool!

do you have a link for the poetry group? I think I may be interested...


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